Helping women return to work

An initiative to help women who are in need and out of job for more than 2 years due to any reason

Career Support for Women

We are helping 52 Women get back to work in 52 Weeks with the help of 52 Mentors. No matter what your potential is, not everyone gets a platform at the right time to shine, so it’s very important to have mentors and colleagues who inspire, around you.


Our group of like-minded returners will support you on your new path


With the Support All Women program could lead to full-time employment in the future


Helps you achieve client success through collaborative work with diverse teams

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Returners 👩

It can be challenging to seek a position after a hiatus from the workforce. A resume is crucial, as is practicing interviews, searching job listings, composing cover letters, and so much more.  The whole process can be extremely overwhelming for many of us. That’s why Support All Women exists. Helping you land a job as fast as possible is our mission.

Volunteer 🤝

With this initiative by, companies can engage talented women who have taken a career break and want to return to the workforce. Support All Women and its clients enjoy a cooperative relationship as a result of this approach. We’ll work with you to ensure that this Returnship Program for your company is tailored to meet your needs.

Unlocking potential for women and businesses


talent community



What People are Saying

By providing me with resources to update my skills and learn the most current technologies, the program has enabled me to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

Janice Margret

After my girls entered the second grade, I began to yearn to work again as they became more independent. In an advertisement for the SAW program it stated that the candidate must have taken a break of at least two years. It sounded as if it described my situation!

Deeksha Saini

As I returned to the corporate world, I had many apprehensions. Fortunately, the meetings with the cohort has been extremely beneficial in helping with the transition. Having the knowledge that we were all on the same journey provided much-needed support.

Katie Godwin

Stay committed to your career. Your journey is yours to own. Opportunities and pathways are changing.

Jenny Smith

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